Sustainable project Elementum: 30% less environmental impact in concrete construction

As part of the master's thesis "Concrete construction of the future - resource-efficient & CO2-reduced" supervised by CL MAP GmbH, the possible CO2 and resource saving potentials in the solid construction of the supporting structure were examined on the basis of the "Elementum" project with the help of the integration of sustainability-optimized concrete technologies.

Through the reduced use of Portland cement clinker in connection with the addition of substitute materials such as fly ash, limestone powder or blast furnace slag, the environmental impact emitted by the concrete structure in this example can be reduced by 30% compared to the use of normal concrete.

In connection with other measures such as the use of recycled aggregate (RC concrete) and the partial preservation of the existing structure, the following savings can be achieved with the project:

  • 11.300 t CO2
  • 4.380 m² of fossil aggregate (using RC concrete with 20% RC content)